Thursday, January 6, 2011

My 2010 Favorite Shots

It's a new year and I am so ready for it. I've been spending all of 2011 so far purging my apartment (as I usually spend the winter doing the kind of clean-out only months without sunshine can bring forth) and with that comes my annual re-visit of my work. Most photographers would agree this is a weird, sometimes miserable and incredibly enlightening experience. You see where you learned, where you triumphed and where you failed. Then you hit the ground running for a new year.

I've put together a slideshow and set on flickr of my favorite shots from my last year of professional and personal work, you can see that here.

Here's my top 10. In no order because that would be way too hard.

Adrienne on the beach.
This was taken on a random photoshoot, which happened a few times in the summer of photographers/models/make-up artists running together that was 2010. We used only a gold reflector and the high, bright sun.

Again, another day of play from the summer...this time with Ashley and a foxy gown we'd been wanting to shoot. But my favorite shot of the day has no dress and no color...just Ashley and her eyes.

Aiden's 2nd Birthday
Far from a technically perfect photo, this made the list for obvious cute factor.
Aiden & Ryder turn 2!

Nicole's Trash The Dress
This photo spent some time in Flickr's Explore and got me the most views of the year. It was a last shot, after we'd started packing...often when I do my best work! "No, I lied...just ONE more."
EXPLORED! Nicole & Eddie's "rock the dress" session

Beth & Johnny in Little Italy
I love this picture. It's whimsical, it's dramatic and it's of two very awesome people who are expecting the future coolest kid in school this year! Congrats!!
Beth & Johnny

James & I - Newport Self Portrait
It was a beautiful day, we had nothing to do except our favorite activity: hopping in the car and driving somewhere to take photos.
Photowalk in Newport

I took this shot with natural light and a reflector after a chaotic but successful and fun family shoot with James' beautiful sister Maria and her three boys.

Greatness in Dot
Shooting Greg is always fun, and we got some great stuff that day on the dirty trolley tracks in Dorchester, MA. I believe this one made the album cover. When Greg is famous and ballin', he's going to buy me a pony. You heard it here first.

John & Darlene's rehearsal dinner
Upon first impression, wedding photographers are often the source of extreme suspicion to children.
John & Darlene - Rehearsal Dinner

Keila at The Hideout New England's 1st Group Shoot
I chose this because not only is Keila beautiful and the light where I wanted it, but also because this was the first time I got to meet a couple Hideout cronies in person and shoot with them!
1st Hideout New England group shoot!

Alright! Now it's time for 2011! Bring it on!!

HUGE thanks to all my beautiful brides, models and friends who made 2010 so memorable. It was a tough start, but we all made it through! xox