Tuesday, September 25, 2012

[Rockstar Family] Daddy's little girls!

I met Jeff a few months ago when he started dating my sister. When we first hung out,  I could see he was pretty much like a male version of my sister and that they were crazy about each other. Jeff is a single, hard-working dad of two girls,


and Lilly

 He mentioned that his daughter Makenna was going to be visiting from her moms house in North Carolina and wanted to do some family photos. I've already had a chance to get to know his youngest Lilly and it seemed like a really great idea. My first impressions of Makenna when she arrived was, she was a spitting image of Jeff, as a teenage girl that is. We took a trip down to Little Compton in Rhode Island to one of my favorite fields to shoot in, though recently I have developed a mild phobia of tick's and my spidey sense was being driven mad. Nothing like a little immersion therapy to make me be on my "A game"!

See spitting image

Lilly inherited the Ging

One of the reasons I love coming out to this field is because not only is it open, but it also has a lot of different features to from hay stacks to cemetery. Who doesn't love a good cemetery?

My sister came along and brought her two youngest, as the light went down we would do "fun" light testing photos with Makenna being my light assistant. Light testing photos are becoming some of my favorite.

We walked around and I pretty much just let them run wild and let their personalities show through the photos.

As the sun was setting past the point of no return Jeff and his daughters mentioned to me that they wanted to do one more shot and it also reminded me why they fit right perfectly into my sister's family, thanks for letting me tag along!