Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2011 Resolution: Refresh Your Wall Space!

In this digital age we are living in, not enough photos make it from the computer screen to the wall display! This year, make a resolution to show off your photographic memories. I plan to replace a lot of my already hanged photos and add a lot more! One thing helping in a huge way is Pinterest. If you haven't gotten on Pinterest yet, probably better that you don't, lest you lose yourself to hours and hours of obsessive pinning.

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I have a "Hang Those Photos" board on Pinterest where I keep all kinds of amazing gallery wall examples and tips on hanging photos hassle-free (or as close as you're getting to it, anyway.) Here's some of my favorite finds!

Amazing tips for hanging photos using wax paper and awesome layouts for gallery walls from

Here's another amazingly helpful post with another method and awesome ideas from Simcoe Street.

Love these gallery walls...

Your photo? Please email me so I can add a link. Found via Pinterest.

From Pottery Barn, found via Pinterest

Want to see more? I've got a brazillion links on my Hang Those Photos pin board.
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