Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rockstar Couple: Mike & Andrea

Mike and Andrea are the kind of people that you instantly relax around. Our job is an amazing but nerve-wracking gig sometimes and couples like Mike & Andrea make us wonder what we ever worry about...our couples rock!

Andrea & Mike

These two have been together forever...and I mean forever...and they just radiated love and happiness all evening. They almost made me totally forget that just before the bride walked down the aisle, my Canon bit the dust.

Andrea & Mike

See that? That was my last frame...but it is one of my favorites this year. Andrea's face is pure excitement!

One of the many reasons James and I come as a package deal (aside from his obvious decorative qualities) is for situations like this. James didn't miss a step taking over and I became the light technician for the event. We had a great time collaborating on images and I got my camera back a couple of weeks later with a brand new shutter!

Formals were a blast with this crowd.

Andrea & Mike

The sun was high, unfiltered and hot but a little collaboration (possibly a little inner-cursing) and a lot of battery power bent it to our mighty will and gave us this dramatic, almost cinematic light.

Andrea & Mike

Did I mention they were fun?

Happy Accident - Ninja Bride

The reception was wild, Mike and Andrea's friends waited a long time for that wedding and they got a rockstar welcome as the golden sun lit up the entire reception room.

Andrea & Mike

James took this while laying in a spilled drink on the floor. My guy has dedication!

Andrea & Mike

Some couples just have it...and James and I are lucky that they take us along for the ride!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Julie & John's Garden Engagement Session

Julie & John are tying the knot in style in historic Salem, Massachusetts next March and opted to do their engagement session in a beautiful garden created and kept by John's parents in Barrington, RI. The garden was beautiful and despite the humidity, it was a beautiful day!

Julie & John

Julie and John

James and I rushed from spot to spot in looking for the light while Julie and John patiently waited and John's parents looked on from the window. When we settled on a few places, we abadoned our bags in the grass (you'll see why this is funny later) and went snap-happy with our adorable couple laughing together.

Julie & John

About halfway through our session, I was holding a light boom-style for James and struggling to shuffle all the gear in my hands so I ran over to our backs to put my camera away and ran right back where I came from as our bags were absolutely swarmed in winged and unwinged ants. I'm not talking a dozen ants...I'm talking THOUSANDS of ants.

Luckily, only 50% of our staff are terrified of bugs and James went to work moving the crawling bags of horror over to the pavement in the hopes the tiny beasties would bail. Julie and John joined in moving backs while I squirmed and retched a safe twenty or thirty feet away.

We went on shooting and snapped some beautiful rim-lit and sunflare beauties at the end of our shoot. Julie and John were starting to wilt in the humidity at this point and I wanted to go home and take a shower in boiling hot, ant-murdering water.

Julie and John

Julie & John

Bug horror aside, we had a blast capturing Julie and John's smitten smiles and can't wait for March when we'll spend an evening at the Lyceum Restaurant in Salem, MA for their wedding! Till next time!

For more pics from this session click here and here.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Welcome to the blog!

James and I are really excited to start a companion blog to our website at! We plan to use this blog to tell the stories of our clients and their wedding days as well as show off images. We think it's important to get to know us if you want to work with us, so while it may not be a purist's definition of "professional" to put ourselves out there...we don't care.

We adore our clients and typically keep in touch long after the big day while we plan out printing and future sessions and of course as our clients pay us the greatest compliment in the form of referrals to their friends, family and co-workers. Because of this long relationship, we think it's crucial that we mesh and a big part of that is getting to know us as well as we will get to know you!

We're not the couple for every couple, but we might just be perfect for you!

As I write this, I'm fumbling through working a blogger for the first time in a few years so excuse the mess if you've found your way here before this "official" launch!