Tuesday, October 23, 2012

[Rockstar Couple: Election Edition!] Steph & Greg's Vegan Habitat Wedding (Belmont, MA)

It's nearing Election Day and if you're anything like the average American, you're probably pretty sick of the mud-slinging, heated workplace debates and rage-inducing Facebook bickering by now. Well, let us tell you a little love story, about Greg, a former marine with an infectious smile and Steph, his wicked smart, beautiful bride just back from Guatemala where she was studying Spanish like a boss. They met as first-year doctoral students at the MA School of Professional Psychology and fell for each other campaigning for President Barack Obama in New Hampshire's Nashua office during the 2008 election.

They shared their first date at an Obama rally in Manchester, NH...their first kiss when Obama won the Presidential election and carried their shared political passion to their wedding day. From the all vegan food to the wedding favors- donations to Kiva.org in honor of each guest, Greg and Steph's shared passions came through.

They were married at the MA Audobon Society Habitat in Belmont, MA. This place is gorgeous! We had a ton of fun walking around the beautiful habitat and taking photos.

Here's some favorite shots from their amazing day!

Steph says "Married life is great and we're both really happy. We still can't believe how perfect the wedding was." I can, because when you're that in love and that happy with your place in the universe...everything is perfect! Congratulations to the happy couple! <3