Friday, January 7, 2011

James' favorite 2010 shots!

OK so Pam has been pushing me (Like a nurturing wolverine) to finally get my feet wet and do my first Blog entry ever! I decided what better way to do that then with my picked favorites of 2010. Sure it sounds like a good idea at first, until I stare at the screen with sweat dripping down my face. So I apologize before hand if I stumble, get off track or just stop making sense ;)

I created a slide show of my flickr set as well for all of my 2010 favorites. I chose at random ten photos to share with everyone.

We'll start with Adrienne and Eric, We decided it was a gorgeous day out and what better to do than head to the beach cameras in hand. (I do love a random photo shoot)

Next was my first wedding with my new 50mm lens, John and Darlene were great!

We spent the weekend in Provincetown MA for a wedding we were shooting and decided to spend a night out on the town walking around taking pictures.

A shot of Jack Farley aka. Johnny Laundry, during his and Beth's engagement shoot.
Johnny Laundry

One of the pictures I took of my sister got chosen as a finalist on the Pioneer Woman's Blog, which was a huge honor for me.

Now I know what you're thinking, a lot of Black and White have been chosen so far. It seems you're right and I just noticed it myself. My eye always seems to go towards that direction, which is another reason Pam rocks my world because her color photos are amazing. So let me see about pumping up the color if you will.

Sara and Josh's wedding was a lot of fun, it had everything from malfunctioning tiki torches to a butterfly release. Here was a shot I got of her during the formals, I was like a ninja and took it while Pam was shooting (I'm naughty I know)
Sara & Josh

However the year wasn't all work! There was definitely some play too :) Here are some shots I got while at the Salem Zombie Walk and the Rock and Shock Horror convention.
Salem Zombie WalkRock and Shock

Rounding off the last one, is probably one of my favorites of the year. Not because of the technical quality, or the lighting, or even the processing. I chose this one of my Sister and her family (which was taken during light testing) because every time I look at it, it makes me smile. It truly shows the dynamic of her and her family. Which, have I mentioned is three boys!
Maria and Family

For everyone who made it through my ramblings I congratulate you ;) I truly am a lucky guy and I couldn't ask for a better Girlfriend/ Partner/ Friend, than what I have in Pam. She pushes me in all the right ways and keeps me motivated to be a better person and artist. I look forward to what 2011 brings for both myself, Pam and Altared Visions and hope you enjoy the misadventures that come along as I know we do.