Friday, December 24, 2010

Behind The Scenes: James, Class of 2010

James - Class of 2010

James is my friend Kate's brother and he was a breeze to shoot. We arrived at his favorite summer hang out on Cape Cod just as the sun way closing in on setting. This is our favorite time to shoot because of how much you can do with a changing sky and directional light.

To get the shot above, we boomed a Canon 430EX in a shoot-through brolly. I was set at f/4 and 1/200th (to obey my sync speed).

James - Class of 2010 - Behind The Scenes

There's James being the most attractive lightstand a girl can have.

Just after this shot we moved about 20 feet to the right and shot using the sun as the key light instead of the rim. Here's a couple from that spot to give you a good idea of the variety you can pull out of ten minutes during sunset.

James - Class of 2010

James - Class of 2010

James (the senior, not the sexy lightstand) wanted his photo made in that spot to get the white house in the background...apparently there's an urban legend involving dead bodies...

Good times!