Saturday, December 25, 2010

December is for celebration.

December is always a hectic but fun month here. My brother's birthday, our family Christmas party, my son Aiden's birthday and then Christmas and the New year roll through one after another and I've barely cleaned the cake pan between use. (Alright, my dishwasher has barely cleaned the pan...)

happy birthday Zoe!

Sometimes I forget to use my camera for me. One of my personal resolutions for the new year is to finally conquer a 365 project. I've gotten my hands on a Canon 20D body I will probably tow around in my purse to help keep me going. James wants to do one as well...we've got a lot of plans!

Happy Birthday Zoe!

To practice, I've been using my camera for me all week. It was a good week to start with my family celebrating my daughter Zoe's 11th birthday, the kids decorating the tree and my son in his brand new (gently used, rescued from storage by James) racecar big boy bed. I can hardly wait to wake up to a juice cup being thrust in my face and I will miss him calling "Goooooood Mooooorrrnnning!" from his crib at 7:30am sharp.

First night in the big boy bed!

Decorating the tree


Somewhere along the line, my baby became a boy and my little girl became a tween. Woah. Happy Birthday Zoe, please have mercy on me over the next decade. :)

Me and Zoe