Wednesday, June 6, 2012

[Cute Overload] Welcome to the world, baby Korah! [Fall River, MA]

We've been awaiting baby Korah for quite some time. You see, before Korah was even born...she had herself her own personal celebrity photographers. We photographed her incredible surprise carnival themed baby shower... You'll see that mermaid outfit again soon! Fast forward a few months and I get the text from Katya that she's about to be a to the hospital I go to grab some photos of newborn Korah and her glowing parents! Korah donned a vintage outfit, work!
A week later Katya invited us into Korah's AMAZING nursery to photograph Korah in those crocheted outfits from the shower. Katya's mother made them and they are adorable.

Look at this room! I mean, seriously! A beautiful room for a beautiful baby girl! The crib was purchased on Rodeo Drive in California, the bedding inside it was made by Katya's late grandmother and the beautiful wall art was hand painted by a family friend. A lot of love went into this room! Prepare yourself...cute ahead.