Friday, April 20, 2012

[Rockstar Family] Moonlighting as Maternity Photographers

When our good friend Katya (whose photo booth we raided the month prior) asked us to do her maternity photos, we couldn't turn her down. First, she's definitely fierce and a rock star in her own right so we knew it would be an awesome time. Second, she told us to do what we want, which is music to our ears. We met in the parking lot of the Sky Lounge on what must have been the coldest, windiest day of Spring ever!! Luckily, being Masters of the Universe ourselves we were able to bend the weather to our will. Katya Maternity Session - Tiverton, RI 

Katya Maternity Session - Tiverton, RI

Being amateur adventurers, Pam and I decided to swoosh the couple off to one of our favorite field locations in Tiverton R.I. One outfit change later and we were ready to rock! Of course this meant finding the location from memory and we hadn't been there in awhile. Three wrong turns, some almost driving off roads and a rendezvous at Evelyn's Drive In to reorient ourselves and we were good to go.

Pam took this amazing shot of Katya while I was balancing on a rock, holder a reflector, in fifty mile per-hour winds, trying not to experience the life of a kite. Being a daredevil just part of the job description! Katya Maternity Session - Tiverton, RI

With the dress flowing and Katya working it, the shots just kept coming! Katya Maternity Session - Tiverton, RI

Katya Maternity Session - Tiverton, RI
Pam snapped this last photo on our way out from wrapping up the shoot and its one of my favorites from the day.
Katya Maternity Session - Tiverton, RI
As always we love seeing Katya and had a blast doing our little Maternity "fashion" shoot!