Tuesday, February 21, 2012

[Rockstar Couple] Jessica & John's MBTA / Museum of Fine Arts Engagement Session (Boston, MA)

There's this thing about John...he's crazy for trolleys and our subterranean travel methods in general. When he pitched the idea of a subway session for his and Jess' engagement session, I got a little thrill like I was 16 years old again and breaking MBTA rules, kinda like this with better hair. Because I'm a lousy outlaw these days, I sent a couple of emails to the MBTA asking what the rules were, but received no response. I've had the Orwellian experience of being asked, over the intercom of a moving red line train, to stop taking photographs so I fully expected to be stopped before I could even utter the word "speedlight".

But as it turns out, John is actually some sort of Jedi Knight.and whenever a badge approached us they were smiling and walking away within a minute...even after he and Jess crossed the tracks to pose.

We finally got ourselves a new flash to replace the fallen LumoPro we lost while shooting my family photos last fall and with it, a Strobies 24x24 soft box which is responsible for the pretty light in the dark subway. How cute is Jessica? I mean seriously.

Originally we were planning to go to the Boston Public Library, but they keep odd Sunday hours so we decided to wing it...which is sometimes the absolute best way to do an engagement session. This theory was proved when we ended up going the wrong direction on the trolley and found ourselves at the Museum of Fine Arts, who quoted us a million dollar insurance plan and a long list of legalities when I inquired about shooting there, because John and Jessica actually got engaged there. We decided to get some photos in front of the museum on the stairs. Jess was really brave shrugging off her Northface jacket to brave the cold in her cute little dress. And it was COLD.

Once again, Jedi John started to work his magic with the staff at the MFA. A quick photo here, another just inside on the stairs, a flash of their MFA membership card and we were checking our bags and heading in to shoot before we knew it!

This place is absolutely amazing, if you've never been you are really missing out. I hadn't been in a couple of years, and James had never been so it was an extra sweet day at work! We know, our job is so terrible!

Jessica and John love the MFA, they showed us all their favorite spots and told us about the backgrounds of several amazing pieces.

This is my favorite room...

Shooting without flash in such a dark place was definitely a challenge but I learned how to stop breathing a while ago from shooting in churches.

Here's where John popped the question, in front of Jess' favorite Rembrandt (Portrait of a Man Wearing a Black Hat at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.)

We had such a great time with Jessica and John and it goes without saying that we're excited to shoot their wedding at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum !

Especially since they've got a great sense of humor. ;)