Sunday, February 19, 2012

Insta.awesome: My love affair with Instagram

If I had known how obsessed I was going to become with my iPhone's camera I would have sacrificed my Blackberry Storm to the cellphone gods a lot sooner! When I finally upgraded my phone I was introduced to this amazingly simple camera and sharing app called Instagram. It works kinda like a Twitter, but with photos. I can follow people and in turn be followed. I can also link my Instagram straight to Facebook and Twitter. It also has some pretty sweet photo manipulation effects including a Lensbaby-like blur effect.

The Love Affair begins!
Through the hooping glass

I was unprepared for how amazing the camera was going to be on the iPhone and how often I was going to use it! Through Instagram and my powerhouse portable camera, I no longer had to feel guilty about not carting my DSLR around with me and missing so many beautiful images and gave me the ability to share what I saw with everyone else too.

My very Red haired Nephew

On my Vacation back home to Arizona

One of my favorite things about using Instagram are the monthly challenges like #febphotoaday or #febphotoskill which I discovered through Zack Arias @zarias on instagram. They're monthly photo challenges with a different theme everyday of the month. I feel like it helps me to be constantly challenging myself. Ive had trouble attempting 365's in the past and never make it out of the first month so these are perfect! haha.

When Pam and I were on our engagement shoot in Boston I took one of her for #febphotoskill's Silhouette challenge in front of the Boston Public library.

#febphotoaday Inside your closet

#febphotoskill Negative Space

#febphotoskill High Contrast
High contrast

The other thing that I completely love about instagram is that for Altared Visions, I now can share awesome pictures straight to our twitter and facebook! Especially when there are some amazing details and awesome locations.

Also when I'm in another state and our couple are complete Rock Stars...

For me personally, the camera and Instagram on the iPhone alone made this one of my best purchases ever.. Yes. EVER!! (Nothing against Android users) Not even counting everything else the iPhone can do and all the apps available for it. I've learned to embrace iPhotography and its made me a stronger photographer because of it.

For all the current instagramers in the Altared Visions universe give us a follow at @altaredvisions and follow me personally @barron262 (And Pam soon, she gets her iPhone tomorrow!)