Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Link Love

I like to spend my morning coffee doing "research." I put it in quotations because my research consists of blog cruising and surfing the internet, hard job I know, but there are some amazing resources out there to help with planning a killer wedding. So as I come across great DIY ideas and information, I thought I would share it with all of our amazing readers, friends & clients.

Ill start by sharing my Pintrest link
And if you don't have Pams link for Pintrest yet, here you go :)

Offbeat Bride is a great blog for DIY details and they always feature some really neat weddings, including one of our very own you can see here. I came across this really cool idea for wedding invitations I haven't seen before and knew I had to share it. The idea was for pop-up invitations (I know right!) After reading, it seemed really easy, too!

Another one of my favorite Blogs that is chock full of ideas is Green Wedding Shoes, I read a post on how to make Vintage Spoons for your wedding that can be used as table numbers, guest seating arrangements or just really cool props. It's such a unique thing to do, I loved it!

I'll finish off today's link love with the Style Me Pretty Blog, for all the summer brides out there here is an amazing idea as party favors for your guest. DIY Ice Cream in a Jar! How excited would you be to get homemade ice cream as a favor on a hot day? I know I would be stoked!

I hope I was able to help get the creative juices flowing for you, I'll post weekly link round ups with cool ideas I find for all of our Rock Star couples.

Happy planning,