Thursday, June 27, 2013

[BEHIND THE SCENES] Opening Altared Visions Studio

We know.

Just where in the hell have you two been?

We must admit, we're not very good at keeping up with blogging sometimes! Especially over the Winter/Spring season when we're busy planning the next year and driving our numbers guru, Joe, insane with our tax paperwork or perhaps more accurately, our lack thereof.

Excuses, excuses...but we swear, we were productive! One cold, crappy morning as I was cancelling another photoshoot due to weather, I had one hell of a HELL NO moment. I started looking for studio spaces in New Bedford where I was about to move and found a website with some large, affordable spaces in one of New Bedford's many historic textile mills. At least I think it's a textile mill. I will get back to you on that.

We got the tour from the ever-patient building um...what would one call someone who handles all the hard work and appears as if by magic whenever something is leaking? We will call him the The Guardian. His name is Marshall, he's quite nice and unassuming-looking for a Guardian. Anyway, Marshall led us into a few spaces, each dirtier and more divine than the first.

Here's the photo from the listing. Charming, no?

I squinted and looked around the space that would become ours and said "well I guess it's ...sort of shitty chic."

"Abandoned chic, Pam." James corrects.

We dropped an application off and within a week, we were putting our keys into our own abandoned chic studio space for the first time.

Instagram of our first key/lock insertion. Oh my!
Like any two lofty-idea'd renovation know-nothings, we walked into our filthy little hole and thought "NO SWEAT...little paint, little elbow grease..."

More like three months of constant sanding, painting, repainting, painting a third time and finally giving in to the persistent "petina" of our new home.

But we did not brave this task alone! We had tons of help and support along the way. We have said it a bunch of time but it will never be enough so we will say it again here: THANK YOU, YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. Not pictured: Asia, Kate, Tom and the ton of friends who offered help, stopped by with coffee and otherwise encouraged us!

I won't lie, after a while we all started to lose our shit a little bit.

The 90s Hip Hop Pandora station helped.
Here, my son discovers the Floor Portal to the batting cages below us and wonders, "Did you even see this place before you rented it, Mom?"
Sign day!! The talented Jon Negri holdin' the AV Sign Dept DOWN.
Meanwhile, blizzards happened a lot and I (Pam) spent a lot of time with my boyfriend making this happen in the new apartment, also know as The Cat Ranch. You see this HGTV? Eh? Eh?

Gradually, bit by bit, with immense help from our significant others and the ever-awesome Kate and Tom (aka Creative Marketing Dept, aka IKEA buddies, aka tool supply source) we eventually found ourselves with a studio.

Ready for the grand tour? That's coming soon! 
See it in person September 7th & 8th, 2013 at our New Bedford Open Studios Event! More info coming!

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