Thursday, April 28, 2011

Woah...did I just time travel or is it almost May?

I think that I may have lost a month! April was so crazy here at Casa de Visions I find myself stumbling into May gobsmacked at how fast the weeks flew by! We've given ourselves a lot of projects and work this past month and we're finally starting to finish some big tasks. We've got a finished wedding to share, a maternity shoot and another wedding coming soon and we're launching a new website in the next week or so! Don't get used to it though, we're shopping for a sleeker design and new host that will allow us to do some really fun things...we're hoping to unveil the site makeover by Fall.

Anyway, there's been some fun in between the work and I thought I'd say hello to our neglected blog readers and share some photos from a few Spring outings.

James and I took our first official photo cruise of the year, to our favorite spots...except the one we suspect may have been a hallucination as we couldn't locate it again to save our lives. I'm pretty sure it was real last year...glitch in the Tiverton grid of the matrix? I should stop watching movies for a's definitely time for summer!

What was I doing? See this is why I lose entire months of time...onto the photos!

365.7 - Chasing light

Light Chasing

Light Chasing

Buttonwood Park 4/2/11

Check out this handsome fella...I should get his number...

Buttonwood Park 4/2/11

I know I'm biased, but my son is pretty damn cute. Just sayin'.

365.14 - Buttonwood Park 4/2/11

For anyone who has ever wondered why I don't post as many photos of my beautiful daughter as I do my is because my beautiful daughter has been eaten by a far too beautiful tween who makes this face at me when I take her picture.

365.11 - 11 Years Old - No longer interested in being photographed.

Can't say she isn't her mother's daughter!

I've got so many photos to share in the next week, lots of blog posts to come including a peek into a new wedding tradition: The First Look!