Saturday, December 3, 2011

November? Did November Happen?

We've had a bit of a blog hiatus while we worked through a slew of wedding get cocky when your weddings are a few weeks apart and you can keep up no problemo. Then you get six weddings in a few weekends and say goodbye to friends and family for a month! We hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
We've got a bunch of work to show and couples to show off! In the meantime check out our second interview (the first was here), this time with the new wedding planning blog Wedding Lovely, and their sister site Wedding Photographer Love. Here's the interview and here's our listing. If you've worked with us and can spare a moment, consider leaving us a review on our listing page so we can keep finding rockin' clients like you!
Coming up (starting tonight!):
James and Pam, by Dana Lane
Yes, that's us! James and I got some new pics to use for the blog and twitter while hanging out with our little photo gang from The Hideout (the forum James and I met on). We'll show you the rest, you guys can tell us which one you like best and laugh amongst yourselves knowing we squirm on the other side of the camera.
The Forina Family
Families! Another family shoot with the Forinas, starring the increasingly adorable Delia and her parents, Kat and Anthony. Also our first time being asked for a permit while shooting in a park. I feel like a REAL photographer now! ;) We also had our biggest family sesh yet with The Negri family! You'll see some familiar faces there.
Negri Family (some Burkes in there, too!)
Babies! A tiny, tiny baby named Nolan!
Megan & J.C: Detail
Weddings! We've got Megan and JC, Laura and Ian (of carnival e-session fame), Yvonne and Randy and in a week or two, Crystal and Tommy, Lauren and Ben, and Sarah and Joe!
Kayla & John engagement
Engagements! When two Ren Faire employees collide...Kayla and John rocked it in the woods of Carver!
Carley & Peanut - Bristol Aggie Class of 2011
And even a senior! Carley took us around her school, Bristol Aggie, and introduced us to her Cow...Peanut. We've had our first cow, people.
2011 round ups! I like to make lists, so count on at least a couple "Best Shots" lists from James and I with our favorite shots of the season from all of our sessions. :) As always, if you like what you see on our blog, please pass it along via the social networking buttons below! Your continued assistance in global domination is appreciated! :-D